THE RESILIENCE is an imaginary, yet very real, pirate ship. I should know – I built her. She’s not my first ship, but she is by far the one I have invested the most time and energy in. My flag ship. You can read more about her here.


THE CAPTAIN owns the Resilience and all her domains that are chartered in the commands the ship at sea. She’s responsible for strategy, planning and the smooth running of operations, including compliance with local and international law.

All persons on board are under the Captain’s authority and are her ultimate responsibility. Wanna butter her up? Try tea. She really likes tea.


QUARTERDECK is the main reception area, and the command / control deck of the Resilience. In addition to the Captain’s Quarters, you will also find the t licensed members who share the authors’ platform with me here.

THE MASTER of the Quarterdeck steers the ship at sea, and ensures that she is well stocked and stays afloat. He can mete out punishments and cook up feasts. He also has the power to veto the Captain’s decisions and command the ship in her place. Unless it’s a matter pertaining to battle or the pursuit of spoils or treasure, in which case the Captain’s word is law. A watch-keping officer who may act as admin and moderator.

THE SHIP’S BELLE is a licensed member of the Quarterdeck. Her voice rings out to keep the ship on course and the crew motivated. She controls operations and is in charge of crew, cargo and errant commas. Our Ship’s Belle juggles a number of departmental functions, handles communication and makes everything a little bit better. A watch-keeping officer who may act as an admin and moderator.

THE SHIP’S SEA WITCH is a licensed member of the Quarterdeck and one of three watch-keeping officers. As our resident Sea Witch, Marie is the person on board you want to keep happy at all cost. (Hint: She’s partial to coffee and chocolate!) She is the Master of Dice, Cards and Spreadsheets, our monthly roll-caller and Executive Director of the sock puppet theatre on pool deck. Marie may also act as admin and moderator.