Better an oops than a what if…


Are we back here already?

Dayum, I didn’t see that happening so soon, but here

we are. And I guess I have a confession to make:

Oops, I did it again! I got so excited about my progress

that I had to claim some more of that secret white space…


Ha, look at me! I’m so happy to be writing here in secret, yet I’m presumptuous enough to believe that, one day, You (Hi You, I’ve left a special message for you somewhere towards the end of this text!) will find this post and read it.

Oh, well… The beauty of writing something for yourself is that it doesn’t matter whether someone else finds it. Or whether they would like it. Here I am, working as much as my uncooperative body (or brain) permits (very little!) on a project that matters more to me than anything else I’ve done. And still I’m not concerned about whether people will like it, or what they will say.

But, you see, this is not about pleasing others. For the first time ever I’m doing something for myself. That is a pretty powerful feeling!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course I would be pleased if people found my work and liked it. If it turned out to be meaningful, or helpful, for someone else. My whole life has been focused on that. Being of use to others is a key component of my essence, so of course, it matters. But there is a huge difference between doing something for someone else and doing something for yourself that just so happens to be of use for someone else as well.

Weird as it may sound, I know that this project will be just that.

So, what secret beans do I have to spill today then? Well, this week was pretty spectacular as my coaching greenhouse began to take shape. I was super excited as it gave me another white space to claim, so I wrote a little countdown note to let myself (and yes, you too my companion) know that the greenhouse, aka Ms Styf dot com,  will be opening soon. Ish. This is the third area, or forth if we count this Quarterdeck, that is materialising and I am very pleased that we’ve reached this stage.

It actually feels like I am building something now!

Seriously, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the fact that I’m lying here in my bed, writing a post on this blog wall that, to all intents and purposes, does not exist. Yet. here I am, talking to you about the New Year’s resolution that has been my secret for more than two full years now. The biggest and most secretive project I’ve ever worked on. One that no one, other than you and me, knows of. And I want it to remain our secret for a little longer..

How much have I told you now? This right here is a new blog, but the domain it sits on is the oldest one in my stable. I bought styf.co.uk 20+ years ago, and she has served me well for all these years. To be honest, though, she is something of an afterthought in the grand scheme of resolution project things.

See, I was looking at linktree a while back, trying to figure out why on earth people use that feature and what I would do if I decided I needed to display my social media presence on a single page. (Answer: I’d build an attractive display page on my own domain, instead of using some rickety prefab model.)

Anyway, thus trapped in thoughts of ugly linktrees, I had one of those rare (these days) AHA-moments. Just like that, I saw my resolution project in front of me and it was not a machinery at all, but a beautiful tree in a Yule tree beauty pageant.

My tree was t-h-e-e most gorgeous Scandi style Yule Fir imaginable, complete with cones and all; and I was literally stunned by its beauty. But then the whole picture unravelled with a horrid nails-on-blackboard kinda sound and big flashing shame lights. My entry to the Greatest Yule Fir Festival was disqualified! My tree had no golden star at the top. Rookie mistake! As any Swedish kid ought to be able to tell you, no star on the top of tree = no Yule; yet I’d forgotten the crowning glory. 

I snapped out of the dream knowing it had told me something important. A Yule tree needs a star at the top, like a pirate ship worth its name needs a Captain’s Deck and an aircraft needs a cockpit. I had been building branches, but I had forgotten to honour the stem that kept them all together. A stem that I have hand reared from a tiny seed to a rather impressive tree trunk. Clearly, my trusty old business partner deserved better than to be bypassed by all these saplings, so I went back to the drawing board and made some changes.

And here we are.

See, this is another reason why I am doing this work in secret. I will happily show off my creation as soon as I know that the foundation is done and the floor plans are solid. It will be fun to invite people over to show them how the build is progressing, but I want to have most of the teething problems sorted first. There are so many things that can go wrong at this stage and I’d rather do the test runs and shuffle stuff around in my own good time. Soon enough we’ll be able to leave the doors ajar and allow people to come and go as they please, but for now let us savour the fact that this is still our secret place.

See what I did there?

Once again, I talked a lot and said very little. I dropped another clue and spilled a few more beans, but the picture is far from clear. It’s almost like a little game.

I like that! As I like the fact that you popped in to see me.

Being secretive, or protective, about this project is very important to me, but I really do appreciate you lending me your ear and giving me some of your time today. If you want to see more of what’s currently cooking around here, I’d suggest you pick up the clue, head over to the greenhouse and read the note I posted in there.

If you leave me a comment while you’re at it, not only do you make me a very happy bunny, you also help me show google and the other web crawlers that I exist. And this is very important on the interwebs.

Thank you, my dear companion, for your visit. Now I need to get back to work, to make sure we have a reason to meet up here again at some point in the future. Until then, I wish you well and hope it won’t be too long.

Much love,

//Evalena 😘

Thus the Countdown to the Big Reveal Begins…
Happy New Year
And now the end is near